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Living in Space - An Interactive Video - DVD

living in spaceShare the fun and entertainment of living in a weightless world. Join the astronauts from the early years right up to the present as they revel, wrestle and cope in the zero-g of space flight.

Microgravity not only affects the way you work and move about- it even affects your personal appearance. Your face looks different, your posture changes and when you try to do work you’re in for a real surprise!  We’ll take a flight to space from launch right through to landing and when our flight is over you’ll feel like you’ve been there.

DVD Format


How Do You Go To The Bathroom In Space?

how do you go to the bathroom in spaceThis is the 3rd edition of a Q & A book based on questions asked during over 500 presentations. The 246 questions (and answers) represent the collective curiosity of audiences in the U. S. and seven other countries. A comprehensive index enables quick location of the topic of interest.




Holy Land Overview During Christmas - Features Egypt, Israel, Jordan and More.

HolylandColor litho panorama of the Holy Land and surrounding areas on a 5” X 17.5” mat. The text explains the circumstances of taking the shot and identifies 12 sites of Biblical interest. This is a great Christmas present.




Space Suit Portrait of Bill Pogue with Skylab Model

Bill Pogue8” X 10” space suit portrait (1975 glossy) of Bill Pogue. William R. Pogue was selected in the 5th group of astronauts in 1966, and served on the support crews of Apollo 7, 11 & 14. In 1970 he was selected to fly on the third manned visit to Skylab and after three years of training launched on November16, 1973 to rendezvous with Skylab.




Color Glossy Nadir Shot (looking straight down) of The Mid-East

Ocean8” X 10” color glossy nadir shot (looking straight down) of the mid-east from the Gaza Strip to Beirut, Lebanon, extending eastward into the Arabian Desert.




Teleprinter Message From Space - Relic of Space

TeleprinterRelic of space.  This is one of Bill Pogue's teleprinter messages received on Skylab.  It is a space-flown item and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Bill Pogue with a Fisher space pen he brought back from Skylab.





If you have an item you would like autographed, send the item with a SASE to:

Bill Pogue
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The charge is $45.00 per autograph and personal checks are accepted from U. S. banks, U. S. postal money orders or cash (overseas orders).