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Living In Space Excerpt
how do you go to the bathroom in spaceliving in space


Living in Space
A interactive video - DVD

living in spaceShare the fun and entertainment of living in a weightless world. Join the astronauts from the early years right up to the present as they revel, wrestle and cope in the zero-g of space flight.

Microgravity not only affects the way you work and move about- It even affects your personal appearance. Your face looks different, your posture changes and when you try to do work you’re in for a real surprise!  We’ll take a flight to space from launch right through to landing and when our flight is over you’ll feel like you’ve been there.

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How Do You Go To The Bathroom In Space?

how do you go to the bathroom in spaceBill Pogue has spoken to over 500 schools (and over a hundred civic clubs) over the last 40 years and virtually all included time for questions.  In the early 1980s, Bill Pogue's wife began to accompany him in order to write down the student’s questions. The list of questions expanded into the hundreds and is the basis for this paperback.  One question that was asked in over 90% of these programs was, “How do you go to the bathroom in space?” His wife insisted that that be the title of the book because it was (and still is) the most frequently asked question about living in space.

Bill Pogue is still amazed and gratified when he gets a new question from an audience or by letter from a teacher or student.  He is grateful to all the audiences and correspondents who have provided the questions.

Bill Pogue has revised the book twice (1991 and 1999) to bring it up to date, but a lot of the early editions are still in school libraries and classrooms.  In 1992, he spoke to a grade school in the greater Chicago area.  After the program a teacher handed him a copy of the 1985 edition and asked him to autograph it.  The little paperback was bloated from repeated handling.  Bill said, “Wow! This one has had a lot of use.” While he was signing it the teacher said, “This is the only book I can get some pupils to read.” This third edition has 246 questions (and answers) and an index for locating topics.


Some typical questions include the following:

  • What does it feel like to be weightless?
  • Would a sneeze propel you backwards?
  • What happened to your body in space?
  • How do you scratch your nose in a space suit?
  • How do you cook your food?
  • What Earth features show up best?
    (No, you cannot see the Great Wall [of China] from space!)
  • What is the greatest fear in space?
  • Did you have any difficulty adjusting to gravity again?

Chapter Topics
(Selectable from menu)

1. U.S. Space Travel: 196
     to Present

2. Living in Space (Title)

3. Launching

4. Life In Zero-g

4.1 Changes in Appearance

4.2 Fluid Shift

4.3 How do you weigh

4.4 Changes in Posture,
       Height, Waist

5. Eating

6. Drinking

21 Chapter Topics In All